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Not ready to set up your website, but already know the domain name you want? Or do you already have a domain name, but want to transfer it from company that is currently holding it for you?

Myrtle Beach Website Designer can register and transfer domain names for your business!

For those who don't know, a domain name (also known as a URL) is that thing you type to go to a website. For example, our domain name is Every website has a domain name.

If you are purchasing a Comprehensive Website Package or Easy Site from us, then the cost of registering or transferring your domain name (URL) is already included in that package!

For those who just want to register or transfer their domain name, then the cost is only $15 per year for each domain name you want to register or transfer! That's only $1.25 a month!


We can register or transfer the following domain name types:












.ca (for Canada)


All for only $15 per year!


If the domain name you want isn't available, we can help you find a suitable alternative name to register.

If you want to register or transfer your domain name for your website, or you want more information about these and other services from Myrtle Beach Website Designer, click here to Get a Quote and to find out about our Best Value Guarantee! Or for more info about these and other services, email us at or call us at (843) 902-7256.

Whether your business is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina or Botswana (or anywhere in between), trust Myrtle Beach Website Designer to handle all of your Domain Name needs!

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